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I have been really wanting to get back into the routine of blogging again.  I miss it.  Instagram is fun, but I miss the discipline and exercise the longer format provides.  I miss sharing books, but even more than that, I miss the opportunity to put my thoughts about books into words in an orderly way, even if no one besides me ever reads them.  Every time I refer back to my blog to find out which chapter books I read to my girls when they were Benny’s age or what exactly I thought about a certain someone’s then-new novel or whether or not I ever did finish reading that series, I’m immensely glad I have this little archive of my own reading life.  

Thus, today, instead of grading essays while we traveled back home from a little vacation with my family, I worked on updating my 2018 booklist on my blog.  You can find it here.  

Stay tuned! 

 Great Smoky Mountains
November 2018

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