1. I should have asked my kids for their favorites! I would have a hard time picking a favorite – there were several that I loved so much more than I thought I would, The Wheel on the School and The Black Stallion being two of those. But my favorite time was probably reading all the Henry Huggins books with Ethan this summer. It was just a sweet time with him and he thoroughly was invested in the Henry’s trials and triumphs.

  2. I totally hear you about noticing the age gaps in the reading department. We’re still reading things all together, but the oldest son is starting to show strong preferences and a need for more. This year he didn’t really pay attention to any of our Christmas books. He’s just beyond the picture book stage now. (WHAT!?) He was in the room but it just wasn’t as big of a deal and I started to think, “Oh no. This is what everyone has been talking about/warning me would happen. OH NO.” Something I’m processing, for sure!

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