1. I loved the Anne books, but I agree that Ingleside was always one of my least favorites (that and Windy Poplars). Maybe I should consider giving it a re-read?

  2. We’ve been reading too but not blogging. I think maybe March was the usual homeschool February this year. Everyone I know is tired and has the blahs. I’m so off that I thought about posting for RAT but thought it was next week. Here’s to a healthy and more relaxed April for us all!

  3. Reading but not blogging seems like the order of the day. We’ve been doing significantly more reading aloud in the afternoons since Tirzah Mae gave up her nap; but I’ve not been blogging about it (or anything else) because my usual blogging time was during Tirzah Mae’s naps. It’s amazing how just that 1.5-2 hours can throw so much out of whack (other things left behind in the transition: reading grown-up books, exercising other than gardening, and taking baths.) But I did manage to write up just a few of the books we’ve read this month, particularly the ones we’ve already had to return to the library!

    • And it looks like I linked to you in entry one on the Mr. Linky. I still had your URL in my clipboard from pasting the link into my own post. Whoops! The second one leads to bekahcubed 🙂

  4. We have been reading but finding time to actual blog about it? Yeah. Still trying to get it posted. If I get it posted before the next Roundup, I’ll link it,lol.

  5. I didn’t blog much in March either – it was just a very blah month. But I did post my monthly round-up of what I’ve been reading with the girls this morning and added my link just now. I’ve been meaning to look for Mighty, Mighty Construction Site as a potential title to read at story time. I’ll have to put it on hold for our next library visit.

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