1. Boys in the Boat is such a great book. It is a favorite.

    The Nightingale was tough at times but since you like Elizabeth Wein you will likely enjoy it.

    And you should add Wein’s upcoming book to your list!

  2. I seem to be in awe of all your bookish goals. Huh.

    First of all, I appreciate your anticipation of the Louisa May Alcott challenge (on my blog). Really, I just can’t wait for it myself!! Usually I know what I’m going to read for the challenge in advance, but this year I have so many titles in mind, that I just don’t know which ones to select!

    Anyways, I thank you just for mentioning Gift from the Sea. I don’t think I’d heard of it before, but after looking it up on Goodreads today… I’m sold! I’ll have to read it sometime.

    Oh, and I really enjoyed The Boys in the Boat too. 🙂


  3. I’ve wanted to read Gifts From the Sea for a long time, and just never have gotten to it. I have Boys in the Boat on my Audible wish list – I keep thinking I won’t be interested in it, but then I keep reading everyone else raving about it.

    Good to know about the Alcott challenge. I just listened to a collection of her Christmas stories in December, and one of them took place in a hospital – I wonder if it came from Hospital Sketches.

    My reading plans are here: https://barbarah.wordpress.com/2017/01/03/reading-plans-for-2017/

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