1. Jamie

    This is one of my favorite Anne books, too. When I first read it many years ago, I had just slogged my way through Windy Poplars (painful admission!) and did not have particularly high expectations of House of Dreams going in. How wrong I was to doubt the L.M.M. magic–I ended up loving it with joyful intensity that bordered on mania. It has just the right balance of humor and mystery and bittersweetness and homey loveliness. And the characters are perfect for all the reasons you mentioned.

    I’ve been enjoying a leisurely ramble through the Anne series this fall and House of Dreams is up next, although I may save it as a post-holiday treat. Comfort reads: good for what ails ya. 🙂

    • Amy

      Wow. Thanks for sharing.

      So much in Montgomery’s stories (including Leslie Moore’s story) gives me pause as an adult–things that I never blinked at as an adolescent or young (childless) adult.

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