1. Katharine Wise

    One of our favorite math games is a paper and pencil one from Marilyn Burns, “Four Strikes You’re Out”. It’s essentially hangman with a mathematical equation, except you get keep score with four strike boxes instead of a noose.

  2. Katharine Wise

    Shared on FB. (I don’t use IG much, and couldn’t figure out how to share there. I saw how to share from IG to FB, but not on IG itself.)

  3. Shared from my blog page on Facebook. Couldn’t figure out how to share things in instagram, but I “hearted” the giveaway post. 🙂 Can you tell I want to win this thing? My email address is nellekeplouffe2 AT yahoo DOT ca.

  4. We love math games, too! Currently, the top faves are two games I made up with dominos. One is basically multiplication war where everyone multiplies the two sides of the domino they drew firm the pile and the person with the highest product wins. The other one involves finding equivalent fractions.

  5. Dinah

    Our favourite math game is a leapfrog addition and subtraction one; we would love to have the opportunity to try out a book full of math games!

  6. stephanie

    Interested! We play a lot of Board Slam right now (CC’s big math game that leads to their national number knockout contest) and I’ve been amazed at the progress I’ve seen in N2. B could DEFINITELY use some more fun in working on those math facts!

  7. Amanda E.

    A new favorite math game for us is Pyramid (from Peggy Kaye’s book). Thank you for offering this giveaway, I’m going to look at her books now!

  8. Dawn U

    I have a 6 year old and 8 year old and they love to play fairy Queen together. It is a card game that adds by 2’s and 5’s. They also enjoy zeus on the loose.

  9. Phoebe

    Our current favorite math game uses Cuisenaire rods and is from an Education Unboxed video- “What’s in the Box?” is the game.

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