• Amy

      I doubt any of my libraries have them, either, which is a shame. I know I got Roller Skates from a library discard sale. 🙁 Come to think of it, Maggie Rose is a discard from Amazon, too.

    • Amy

      I regret that I haven’t read it aloud to my girls. It’s a wee bit dated (natch), but nothing that’s insurmountable. I LOVE it. <3

  1. Oh, my, are we really getting to the point where the public library doesn’t even carry a full set of all the Newbery winners? Never mind, the honor books and all of the other rich literature of the past. If they don’t even have the Newbery award books, then my library and those others that I know of around the country are really doing a public service in preserving these older treasures for children (and adults) to read.

  2. Oooo. I am SO intrigued!!! I want to dive on into this one pronto!

    I, too, have been debating the concept of freedom for kids. It’s a hard one to figure out in this day and age. However, having recently returned from a trip to Seoul, I was amazed and surprised by how many kids are free to roam their neighborhoods without parental supervision. I know that we, as an American society, have come quite far in just 50 years in monitoring our kids’ every movement. It’s a hard thing NOT to do when crime is so rampant. But they can probably stand a little bit more freedom than they currently have.

    Interesting thoughts and a very intriguing story!

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