1. JoannaTopaz

    I’m currently in the middle of reading Anne of Green Gables to my 9-year-old daughter. She is enjoying this introduction — and has not seen the movies. (Actually, neither have I. I think we will try to do so after finishing the book.)

  2. So fun! I totally get the feeling of wanting kids to love the same things I loved and then being a little disappointed when it’s no tthe same. One thing I have to remind myself is that part of the fun (at least for me) as a kid was discovering books and feeling like they were MINE. I think both my boys have discovered series that they have the same love for that I felt for some of my favorites. As they get older I’m realizing that part of the joy of being a family of readers is that I share my old favorites with them but they also share their new favorites with me.

  3. How can I NOT love this post!? (And your teapot. Love your teapot!)

    I have positively *thrilled* in sharing stories about the King family cousins with my kids and then watching Road to Avonlea. (We watched another episode last night.) It’s glorious and deeply meaningful to me so I “get” everything you are saying here.

    You beat me on a party this year. I tried to pull off a tea but sickness and LIFE got in the way and it was rescheduled out of existence. Next year perhaps. This year I gave up. Loved hearing about your party though which sounds like tons of fun!

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