1. I read A Severe Mercy several years ago. I enjoyed it but found parts a bit unreal. I’ll be interested in your review.

    Frankly, the main reason I haven’t participated in Read Aloud Thursdays very often is that our readaloud books are either school books or dinnertime books that take a months to read. I know it’s disappointing to stop, though. I’ll enjoy your end-of-month reports.

  2. Amy

    Same here, Dawn! I just don’t have time to read the mountains of picture books we used to read. 🙁 And then when I do, I can’t get them reviewed.

    I’m a little bit apprehensive about A Severe Mercy because I did give it a half-hearted effort last year. We’ll see.

  3. I’ve had Scent of Water on my shelves forever, you’ve encouraged me to begin.
    Big decision to let go of a long running commitment, been there, what will happen is you’ll have enthusiasm for new direction.
    Hands Free Mama looks intriguing.

  4. I think a book a month for spiritual growth is a great goal. I sometimes let one go on for weeks…and don’t read much else in the meantime. I like this!

    I’m interested what you’ll take away from Hands Free Mama. I didn’t love it, though I appreciated it. 🙂

  5. I’ll miss Read Aloud Thursday, although I understand. I’ve also realized we’ve moved sort of past the picture book stage. We still read them but we’re more focused in other areas and they aren’t the books I tend to want to review when I do get around to doing reviews.

  6. Scent of Water is one of my favorites! A once a year read since I first discovered it a few hears ago.

    Sad for the end of an era, but I understand. It has been awhile since I’ve participated in RAT… for the same reasons you and Alice mention. Thank you for starting and hosting it for these years!

  7. I enjoyed this overview of your reading. It looks like we are working through some of the same books. Scent of Water was my first ever Goudge title almost 30 years ago. Can’t even remember the story now, but have been a faithful Goudge fan ever since.

  8. Well, seeing as I’ve fallen off the face of the planet for Read Aloud Thursday I don’t’ really have room to comment but, naturally, I will anyway. I think it’s good to know when something has run its course so that you personally won’t feel a sense of guilt OR obligation. That’s how I felt about the online bookclub. Too much and it was time to say goodbye and give it a rest.

    AND this weekend I thought through my more recent challenge of not having enough time to read and also settled on just making sure I read at least 3 books a month: one re-read, one new-to-me and one book aloud to the kids which I enjoy enough to count it in my own reading numbers. 🙂 Then, if I manage those three, I can have a “freebie”. In this way I hope to keep up my reading as I’m rather miserable without it.

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