1. Dr. Dolittle is the only I’ve actually made it all the way through. I had mixed feelings about it — you can read my review here if you’d like. I started both “Trumpeter of Krakow” and “The Dark Frigate” and never ended up finishing them, though I keep meaning to pick them up again at some point!

  2. I read Smoky the Cowhorse. Overall it was ok, although a little slow. I think I’m just not enough of a horse person. The ending had a blatantly racist part that bothered me. Mostly I’m able to overlook that in older books, or at least just realize that it was a different time and era. This was uglier to me than other books. Maybe it’s just our current political climate that made me more sensitive….I’m not sure I would give it to a kid to read because of that. I might read it aloud where I could change the language but I don’t really like doing that.
    I also read Millions of Cats which is just such a wonderfully weird book.

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