1. Oh, all these Anne of Green Gables posts make me long for the day when Z. is old enough to share them with. Of course, I don’t want her to grow up too fast…but it is something to look forward to. My boys enjoy some traditional “girl” books but I think they are now past the age when they would sit through Anne as a read-aloud.

  2. I’m attempting to finish the Anne series for myself. The kids and I are reading The Golden Road right now and watching episodes of Road to Avonlea. It has been noted that mommy cries at some point in EVERY episode. That’s due the fact that I, too, have debated and waited and saved my favorite stories to share with my kids. I also have been waiting for just that right and perfect time to share my favorite things! 😀 Totally understand what you are saying here.

    Glad you are “in” on the challenge. I always love hearing what you have to share. And I’m glad you involve all of your kids in the process! 😀 Fun stuff.

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