1. I remember reading Dr. Doolittle to my older children. Now I am wondering if I have shared it with my younger ones? Definitely should have kept better track of books.

    Smoky, the Cowhorse is a treasured read aloud. All the children were cuddled up in one room and I read aloud by candle light. It is such a great story.

    Now to decide if I am joining in this year!

    • Amy

      It’s good to know that Smoky is an enjoyable read. Not all these old books are, I’m finding. 😉 (I guess the same could be said of new books. . . )

  2. I have a used copy of The Trumpeter of Krakow on the way to me so I’m going to start with that one. I kinda want to reread Dr. Doolittle because I enjoyed it so much last year! (And I put in on N2’s reading list and she’s read it and pronounced it good as well.) : )

    • Amy

      That’s good to know since that’s what I’m planning to start with. However, at the advice of some online read alouders (readers-aloud?–on FB), I’m considering back up to the first book, The Story of Doctor Dolittle. Did you read that one?

  3. Willow

    Be aware that there is the original Dr Dolittle and there are various later versions. There is certainly a tone of colonial superiority, and one particularly notable episode that may or may not appear in the edition you read. In chapters 11 and 12 of the original Story of Dr Dolittle, he travels to Africa and finds Prince Bumpo, who wants to be turned white as part of finding love. Dr Dolittle turns his face white. There have been various attempts at dealing with this plot line through editing (e.g. some versions change “The Land of the White Man” to “The Land of the Europeans” and remove all references to race….which ends up creating quite an odd effect in places); you can see the original in sites like Lit2Go (http://etc.usf.edu/lit2go/221/the-story-of-doctor-dolittle/) and Gutenberg (http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/501). Something to keep in mind when reading these old books.

    • Amy

      Thanks for the heads up! I actually decided to go back and read The Story of Doctor Dolittle first, and I THINK I have an expurgated version (the free one for Kindle).

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