1. Thank you so much for hosting this challenge, Amy! I love your enthusiasm for books in general and your goal to read the Newbery winners. You’ve got an impressive start. I truly enjoyed every book I read too, and I do hope I’ll make time again next year to join you for this challenge. It was enriching and made me see that I need to keep current on the new winners each year.

  2. Yes, thank you, Amy. I didn’t get to participate as much as I wanted to—too many projects, not enough time. However, next year I want to concentrate on older children’s books, and so I hope to read more Newbery books along with you.

  3. I’m hoping to join you next year (barring unforeseen circumstances). I’m feeling the need to be more purposeful in my reading in the upcoming year rather than just picking up books willy-nilly from the library (not that it isn’t fun to do that, just that it’s not perhaps as mind-enriching as a more purposeful approach is.)

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