1. Oh – hearing of Benny trying to surrepticiously read at the table just puts a smile on my face!

    I’m glad you were able to put away a book you weren’t enjoying and pick up some that you’re liking a lot more.

    Tirzah Mae and I continue reading a variety of both board books and regular picture books – but our favorites this month are all board books. My post is here.

  2. Sarah

    Picture books (plus board books for the almost 2 year old) were doable for us this month. 😉

    The boys really enjoyed 2 newish creative ones:
    “Julia’s House of Lost Creatures” by Ben Hatke (2014)
    “Puddle Pug” by Kim Norman & Keika Yamaguchi (2014)- I loved the words! Cute illustrations!

    Then 2 seasonal picture books both new to us:
    “Fall Leaves” by Loretta Holland & Ella MacKay (2014)- it’s amazing how the English language is used!
    “Pleasant Fieldmouse’s Halloween Party” by Jan Wahl (1974)- a classic with detailed illustrations

  3. juanita

    I told Ana what you said about Fortunately, the Milk and she is shocked and bewildered. She said, “It was funny and weird and random.” Now that I think about it, it probably seemed familiar to her considering her dad has been telling her funny, weird and random stories her whole life.

  4. I do not read to my youngest NEARLY as much as my oldest as well. I sort of feel like, having graduated to intricate and interesting chapter books, picture books have been behind. And I have to remind myself that they haven’t and that there are still little ones who want to hear a fun story and ask me to tell them one more often than I feel like I want to. It’s a challenge, to be sure!

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