1. Ashleigh Reade

    I’d be interested in either of the titles. We love to play all sorts of games in our house. The “mathiest” favorite right now is Yahtzee. I recently bought Krypto which was my absolute favorite game in 5th grade. I can’t wait to play it with the girls! I may or may not have jumped the gun purchasing it last month. 🙂

  2. Tracie

    Oh, they both sound good! But I think “Counting and Number Bonds: Math Games for Early Learners” would be perfect for us right now. We like to play a lot of Monopoly, Jr., and I would love to have more on hand!

  3. Megan

    I’d like the K-4 book. My oldest son loves Multiplication Math War – a simple card game – instead of flash cards for drilling his times tables. I just bought Sumoku for a Christmas present (but we obviously haven’t yet tried it yet). I have high hopes!

    • Amy


      My 9 year old and I just played Multiplication War a few weeks ago! We have Sumoku, too, and enjoyed a game of it just a last week. 🙂

  4. Katharine Wise

    A math game we discovered recently is “Four Strikes You’re Out” which I read which we learned about from Marilyn Burns’ website. (Actually, I think saw the blog post when Denise FB page Shareef it.) It’s like Hangman for math. One person thinks of a Math problem and writes it out leaving boxes for each digit of the numbers. The other player guesses a single number from 0-9. The first player fills in wherever that digit belongs. Incorrect digits earn a strike. I’d love the Addition and Subtraction book. :-)) katharinewise@yahoo.com

  5. Hannah

    These sound like great books! I’d be interested in either title, as my kids range in age from 1-12. We enjoy the game Mancala in our home, which is good counting practice for my younger ones.

    hannah (at) teamgreever (dot) com

  6. Thank you for this give away! I learned of you through the Shoals homeschooling group. While my husband excelled in Math, it was always my weakest subject. I have 3 children I am homeschooling and would love and appreciate either book! My kiddos are 5,4, and 22 months. As far as math games goes, we count, add, and subtract house hold items, toys, and tid bits in books while reading. Often times, after a book, we return to talk more deeply about the story and my kids will count certain items on the page. Thank you!

  7. Andrea

    We’d love the addition and subtraction book.
    As for games, we have Down and Out (also called Shut the Box) that works on addition. We also learned about Boardslam recently which I found as a printable and would be for your girls (my 3rd and 5th grader love that one!).
    Krypto – I’m off to look for that one. I remember playing that as well.

    • Amy


      Thank you so much for sharing! My girls got to play Shut the Box at a historical reenactment once, and it was fun.

  8. Joy Orton

    We would love the K-4 book.
    I’m new at this homeschooling gig, so I need to find more math games. We use math in cooking and baking, especially to double recipes. (What’s double of 2/3 cup?)

  9. Alice Epstein

    I’d love the first volume (my oldest just turned three). We don’t play anything that I would count as games – but we try to count everything and practice our numbers as often as possible (cooking, bath time (body parts), steps, etc.).

    Thanks ! Alice

  10. How fun! Having had an enormous case of workbook-itis as a homeschool graduate, I’ve been collecting math games and activities in a Pinterest board, hoping to avoid transmitting the same disease to my own kids. Of course, I’m only beginning the journey – so I’d get the preschool book if I were to win (I’d probably plan on sharing it with my sister-in-law who’s got a three year headstart on having children!) But even if I don’t win, I’m saving this post away in my “homeschool resources” document so I know to look up this series as the time draws nearer.

  11. Jennifer merritt

    I would be interested in the Addition and Subtraction for my first grader. I have different resources for math games. We enjoy Multiplication Bingo.

  12. Debbie Menter

    Hi! I am one of the sister in laws that Rebekah mentioned! I have a 4 and 2 year old as well as a 2 month old, so just starting our homeschool journey and would love the preschool book as well. I am also a homeschool graduate, and have a degree in early childhood education, so I know how much a child learns through play! This year I have started more “formal” preschool, and for math we love to bake, play with Melissa and Doug shape pattern boards, play with cards (put the correct number of pennies on each card), and play with beads, etc. Would love more ideas since math is so traditionally workbookish and I hated it as a child.

    • Amy

      So nice to “meet” you, Debbie. Rebekah and I have been bloggy friends for years! 🙂 Thank you for your input and ideas! I’m always so excited to hear from a homeschool graduate, especially.

  13. Audrey Butters

    I would love the addition and subtraction book!! We just discovered Pokemon, and it’s ALL math and strategy! Who knew?! We also just got Cinq-O, a dice game you can keep in your purse to play on the go. We haven’t tried it yet but have heard great things! Thank you for this post!!

    • Amy

      Welcome to Hope Is the Word and thanks for sharing–Pokemon? I had no idea! 🙂 I think I’ve seen Cinq-O, but I’ve never played it.

  14. Becky W

    I love Denise’s website and if I were to win, my first choice would be the addition and subtraction book, but I would take either. Favorite math games here have been Sum Swamp (even the older kids like to join in on that one and I like it, too!), Can’t Stop, and Rightstart’s Corners. We used to play math games almost daily, but as the older kids get older we’ve gotten busier and the games often are low on the priority list. I need to change that and make them more of a priority!

    • Amy


      Thanks for commenting! Yes, we’re RightStart users, too, so the RS games get lots of play here. I know what you mean about having to make time for games. That’s one reason I chose to teach the math games class at co-op. At least then I know we’ll play once a week.

  15. Rebekah

    I would love to win the addition and subtraction book to help add some interest to our learning time. We sometimes play war using addition and we also written numbers on the bricks outside for something different.

    • Amy

      You’re very creative, Rebekah! We used to write on the windows in our old house. I need to pull out the window markers and crayons in our new house.

  16. I’d love to try the Addition and Subtraction one. My Grasshopper is in 1st grade, but he really struggles with numbers. We recently turned to Life of Fred for help, which he loves, but still struggles. We use games to help him, but the electronic ones are the most helpful right now, mostly ABCmouse and Leapfrog. I’d love to find more games that help him away from the screen, though!!!

  17. juanita

    I don’t know if you would call Set a math game but we can’t get enough of it right now. Lately I’ve been too “just get it done” focused, but I have resolved to enjoy myself again. We would probably get most use out of Addition and Subtraction: Math Games for Elementary Students.

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