1. Yay for books that meet you where you’re at! And yay for Narnia! And, basically, yay! Sounds like your life away from the blog has been rich and full and wonderful!

    Tirzah Mae and I are still reading board books, mostly by the same authors we read last month – but with a few new ones. I generally grab a handful of board books from the library bin when I’m up in the children’s section, not really looking at what the books are – and this month I managed to bring home a book aimed at normalizing homosexual relationships. The worst thing about it was that I grabbed the same pile of books, still not looking at them, to take along when we visited our families over the Fourth. It was only when this particular book was lying on the floor in my parents’ living room and I saw the title that I realized what it was. When I made a startled exclamation, Daniel told me his mother had seen the book the day before and was concerned that we might be pro-gay-marriage. Oy vey! Needless to say, I did NOT end up reading that one to Tirzah Mae.

    I wrote up what we DID read here.

  2. Sarah

    We have read many new picture books together this summer from our local libraries. Some just published this year.

    *”Beastly Babies” by Ellen Jackson (colorful illustrations about mother animals & their babies)
    *Sammy & The Pecan Pie” by Sean Covey (from The 7 Habits of Happy Kids series)
    *”Let’s Do Nothing” by Tony Fucile (about two boys who are friends with creative illustrations)
    *”Flashlight” by Lizi Boyd (unique wordless book with striking illustrations)
    *”A Day at the Beach” by Ed Briant (cute story about a panda family)

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