1. Lisa

    Loved reading this. Gives me hope as we pack and pray for a buyer for our home.
    Don’t forget we have a pool and it is open for you to bring those babies and play sometime.
    Packing is taxing and leaving is hard. Memories flood me as I pack. Stan and I Joined our family here and so it will be hard to leave but also looking forward to our next step.
    Hope to see you in August at book club.
    Enjoy this new journey and make new memories.
    God is so good.

    Love what Shannon posted about your move. It was sweet.
    Happy days ahead

  2. Congrats on the new house! What a sweet comment from your husband. Maybe we’ll have to head back to Alabama to visit your new house. 😉 We moved about 5 years ago and I totally get the feeling of knowing it’s a blessing but also sometimes being overwhelmed by all the chaos. At the time I told H. that I wanted to grow old with him. IN THIS HOUSE. Not that the house is necessarily my dream house, but I never want to have to deal with moving again.

    Glad you are getting settled.

  3. Oh my – I’m sure that would be very difficult, moving after 16 years (and 16 years accumulation of stuff!) I’ve moved about every 2-3 years since graduating from college, so that’s given me lots of practice, but I’m still dreading the next move (which will be our first since we got married). Moving gives opportunity to start fresh, and makes me want to get everything sorted and organized and all that – but it can be awfully hard to do in reality.

    What a wonderful thing, though, to have more space and a BASEMENT. That was a nonnegotiable when we started talking about building. I wouldn’t raise a family in Kansas (or Alabama) without one!

  4. The first time we moved we’d only been married 8 or 9 months. The next time…we’d been married five years and had huge amounts of STUFF. Now I can’t even imagine moving.

    We have about 2000 sq feet with an unfinished/junk-filled unfinished basement. Someday…

    Congratulations on settling into your home.

  5. Your new home sounds like a WONDERFUL and AMAZING blessing! One filled with a lot of hard work but one that is definitely worth it! I am so happy for you! I think new homes are exciting, although it’s always sad to leave the place where you’ve made so many awesome and important memories.

    God’s timing in moving you into and out of your old home is just incredible. And that FB post was so sweet.

    Yay for all of these, even if it is filled with a little (a lot of?) chaos. The pictures you shared look lovely. Revel and enjoy, my friend! Enjoyment is A-Ok and you do not at all sound like you are boasting. Do enjoy!

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