1. Yay for reading A WHOLE BOOK! Moving is stressful – and it sounds like yours is more stressful than most.

    I don’t think I’d probably agree with the Harding’s approach altogether either – but I always love food for thought 🙂

  2. We’ve done a lot of different things for different students: AP tests, dual credit, CLEP testing, online classes. But none of them did any of this before they were high school age. I just don’t think they are mature enough to take college classes before about age 16, even if they’re smart enough. And what’s the rush? So much to learn and enjoy together, so little time.

  3. *Fist pump*

    YAY! I’m so glad that someone wrote a book about this and makes it sound not only normal but doable. Both Jonathan and myself were kinda launched forward earlier than most and we just LOVED it! Once you find what you are passionate about and/or gifted in – WHY hold back based on age or society expectations? We have always fully intended to move our children along at a pace that suits, not paying attention to society norms of ages and grade levels. And we will be actively working with them to find and pursue their passions as early as they can be determined. Furthermore, both Jonatan and myself did college by correspondence, found it to be cheaper than anything you can otherwise imagine, and enjoyed the freedoms it offered to explore our aforementioned passions. We LOVED our experiences and really hope to pass along the same to our own kids.

    • Amy

      Ok, Carrie, I’d love to hear more about your upbringing and your college experience! You’ve made me VERY curious! 🙂

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