1. So sorry for the house troubles. 🙁 Praying you do actually get to sleep in your new home this week!

    My June reading has gone well, thanks to some unexpected travel with my husband. This month I finally read “The Westing Game” (and put it on my husband’s Kindle too for him to read). I enjoyed it, but I’m not sure I completely “got” it all. There were so many characters to keep up with! I needed a spreadsheet. 🙂 But maybe I’ll watch the movie now and it will all come together.


  2. Praying you get into the house sooner than later!

    I’m not reading along (some days I feel like I’m barely reading), but I do like seeing your posts. I loved The Westing Game when I read it a year or two ago.

  3. Oh, too bad! Hoping it all works out soon. Moving it the pits even when it all goes smoothly. I haven’t read my selection this month either as swim team is sucking every extra minute of the day. I do have Figs and Phantoms waiting on the shelf and I have hopes to finish it this week.

  4. Martha S

    Sorry to hear you have had moving/house issues.

    I actually have been able to do a little reading lately. Not so much for me, but trying to put together an American lit list for my oldest to read this next year.

  5. I ended up reading all 5 books in The Dark is Rising Sequence. I enjoyed them; definitely was petering out near the end of the series and ready to get to the end of it, but I think N1 would enjoy them right now. I also read The Westing Game and really like it though it was hard to keep up with everyone at the beginning of the story. But by the end, I was totally trying to figure out the “who done it” and completely wrong. : ) Reminds me of a junior version of Agatha Christie and for that I thoroughly enjoyed it!

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