1. Another child of the 70’s here, feeling at home. So many of these are favorites. The Dark is Rising series is my favorite series from childhood, I read it many times. Our honeymoon was to Cornwall because of those books if that tells you how much I loved them. Definitely read them in order though.

    I’m most intrigued by the other Ellen Raskin book, Figgs and Phantoms as I loved The Westing Game as a kid. I’m also interested in the Zilpha Keatley Snyder books since The Egypt Game was another favorite of mine.

  2. This decade holds the most books that I’ve read so far. I’ve got a feeling I’ll peak out either in this decade or the 80s for the most familiar books. 🙂

    But I’ve never read The Westing Game and have wanted to. So that’s my pick for the month!

  3. I think I read a several of these as a kid, but my memories are vague. There are few in this list that I’ve read since having kids!

    We stared Julie of the Wolves a couple days ago (my DD and I), and we are really liking it so far. We are also planning to read Dragonwings. I may read Bridge to Terabithia on my own. I proposed that one to my daughter to read together, but I warned her it had a death in it, and that made her not want to read it. I am nearly certain I read this in elementary school, so I kind of want to read-read it so I can decide if I should try harder to persuade her to read it. 😉

  4. How have I never heard about The Dark Rising series? What’s funny is I have book 1 on my shelf (I think Heidi from Mt. Hope Chronicles mentioned it) so it’s going in my stack to read this month along with The Westing Game. Hopefully I can get through both of these to justify books 2 and 3 in the series. : )

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