1. I’ve loved following your homeschool journey for the past six years, Amy… your plan is starting to take shape I, too, love Heather’s blog! Hugs!

  2. Amy thanks so much for the shout out! I only started paying attention to Brave Writer recently and I also bought The Writer’s Jungle to see if I could add anything to my tool box. It’s a good read and yes…I guess I’ve been doing her sort of writing instruction for a long time. I wrote that post before I started reading The Writer’s Jungle.

    As for only blogging the good…that is true though I do have some super realistic posts out there. My philosophy on that? I don’t want to read what doesn’t work! I like to visit and be inspired knowing that no homeschool looks awesome everyday and anything I read I can imagine what happens between the photos and captions! ha

    Some of my kids’ writing looks awful and some of it looks great. I don’t write about how long it took me to get a sample from the 4th grader or how atrocious a kid’s spelling is because, to me, that goes without saying. The real deal is meeting your kids where they are and moving them toward excellent written communicators. I’m not hung up on how that looks as we get the job done.

    As for grammar, I don’t really care if my kids can name the intricate details and finer points of grammar as long as they can use it well! At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about. I know a lot of kids who know a lot of rules, but their writing is very dull.

    It sounds like you have a terrific plan!

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