1. I loved this book! It seems like a much needed reminder that women need to be reading the Word for themselves, and not just depending on having their emotions manipulated by their favorite female Bible teacher. (But my personal biases are showing there…)

  2. I enjoyed this book so much – I think it’s one I’ll revisit again and again for encouragement and reminding myself the importance of being in the word as a thoughful student myself! She has a podcast of her teaching at the Bible study she leads in Texas that I have been listening to when I walk in the mornings (when I manage to get to it) and I am really really loving her lectures on Joshua. The only problem is I can’t take notes when I’m walking. : )

    • Amy

      Oooh, thanks for sharing that, Stephanie! I also listen to podcasts while I walk (when I walk :-0 ), and I’d love to add to my repertoire. This sounds like an excellent one!

  3. I’ve only recently discovered podcasts and how to download them to my phone for listening on the go. What podcasts do you listen to?

    • Amy

      I listen to Read Aloud Revival, Homeschooling IRL, and Busy Mom, mostly. Do you have any good ones?

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