1. Such decisions!!! This list reminds me that we never finished Lloyd Alexander’s series and NEED to get back to it. Honestly, this list has tons that I’ve not read so my options are wide open. : ) I’m eyeing The Bronze Bow and The Golden Goblet – mostly because those will both tie in beautifully with Cycle 1 studies for CC this coming year. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to read My Side of the Mountain so I may just need to make that happen as well. Onion John looks interesting and it has been years since I’ve read From the Mixed Up Files… so maybe I should do that?

    Always so many good choices!! : )

  2. The more current we get, the more I discover I’ve already read and enjoyed many of these titles. I read several of these when my girls were still home. I’m choosing a re-read (yet again) because it’s been a few years and I just found it so fascinating: A Wrinkle in Time. Since this is my OneWord year of “now” it seems kind of appropriate. 🙂

    Praying your move goes well! Congrats on selling your house. We’ll be moving my college graduate back home next weekend but she doesn’t have much stuff so itshould be easy (that part anyway, ha).

  3. I’ve had The Bronze Bow in mind all year to go along with our ancient history studies, but Miss M and I read one chapter (as a “preview” back in March), and she was really not into it. We’ll give it at least one more chapter but I am not sure I will be motivated to continue if she doesn’t like it. I might do My Side of the Mountain with my boys. If Miss M and I don’t read Bronze Bow, I am not sure what our back-up plan will be. We picked up “The Tune is in the Tree” by Maud Hard Lovelace from the library today (yay!) and we also need to finish Brighty of the Grand Canyon…so whatever we read we won’t be starting it for a week or so yet anyway.

  4. I haven’t decided exactly what I’ll be reading, but, I’ll be choosing from: The Egypt Game, I Juan de Pareja, Up a Road Slowly, Across Five Aprils, Bronze Bow, Onion John, or My Side of the Mountain.

  5. This is harder to pick. So many of them were childhood favorites of mine: The Egypt Game; The Mixed Up Files; Jennifer, Hectate, etc. And I’ve read a bunch of the others with my kids not that long ago. We just finished The Black Cauldron last month.

    I would love to re-read a bunch of them but I’d rather read something new for challenge purposes. The two that stand out are Up a Road Slowly and Noonday Friends. I’ll probably pick one of those.

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