1. Sarah

    Thank you Amy! I started reading aloud the book “Wise Words: Family Stories that Bring the Proverbs to Life” by Peter J. Leithart. It contains 18 original stories which are each about approximately 6 pages long. Our 8 year old son always begs for me to read just one more. I appreciate the creative, fresh plots/characters written by a pastor along with the opportunity to discuss a Proverb & how it might apply to the story & our lives. One of our priorities as we disciple our children is to train them in the wisdom of Proverbs so this is a welcome resource for us. We also attend Community Bible Study during the school year so I am looking forward to using this over the summer as part of our Bible study.

  2. I have three newish picture books to share. https://supratentorial.wordpress.com/2015/04/30/read-aloud-thursday-from-the-new-shelf-4/

    I read all of the Lord of the Rings series with my oldest a few years ago. It was definitely an undertaking but one of my favorite memories that we have shared.

    I have found my boys don’t really care if a book is about girls, especially when they are younger. Their favorite read-alouds have been ones that I think any kid would like. Tumtum and Nutmeg, Toys Come Home, My Father’s Dragon, Henry and Mudge have all been favorites. They also have loved Little House on the Prairie, the Ramona books, Winnie the Pooh, some of the Dick King-Smith books (the Lollipop books and Babe come to mind).

  3. I blogged some of what Ethan and I have read and think I’ll have something to say regarding All of a Kind Family in a few days – Green Ember takes us a month at least and we are now making up for that by FLYING through AoaKF. So delightful. I’m dreadfully afraid I’m going to have to buy the whole series. : )

  4. I’m reading “All of a Kind Family” with my older girls right now. Loved these books so much when I was a kid and they are too (which makes my heart happy).

    The younger set seem to be on a perpetual Frances, Harry the Dirty Dog, and Little Critter kick right now. Really need to pick up some new to us picture books at the library soon!

  5. Here’s my read-aloud wrap up for this month: http://homeschooldiscoveries.com/2015/04/30/read-aloud-wrap-up-for-april-2015/

    We keep trying with the Hobbit. We stalled out three different times. I’ll have to add our family to the list that should have done it with an audio book. Part of the problem is that my hubby started the Hobbit read aloud, so it became “Daddy’s book to read to everyone” — and the times when Daddy is available to read to everyone, and everyone doesn’t want their regular bedtime reading are few. I don’t really like the Hobbit very much myself — I’ve always preferred the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

    I have had a bit harder time deciding on chapter books to appeal to my boys as well. Since I personally gravitate toward the more “girly” books I have to go out of my way to think about what would be appealing to them. They really liked “Owls in the Family” when it last year — that’s a nice short one. I was doing some classic literature with them in the fall of this year and they liked the Jungle Book and Just So Stories quite a bit (more than I thought they would). Given the choice, my boys would pick chapter books about favorite characters (like, any Lego series in particular — Bioncle, Ninjago, etc and also Pokemon) over anything I might pick out from a list of great books. 🙂 I remember when my daughter went through that phase and wanted to hear every book about fairies I could get my hands on, so I am trying to humor them through this phase and reading a Pokemon book followed by something a bit more meaty. 😉

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