1. Well, I AM glad that you got a lot out of it. 😀 Despite having read it on an iphone! I’m …a little impressed. (So no Les Mis on the iphone, right?)

    As you know, I didn’t care for it. But there’s a great deal of Christendom who have found much to appreciate in it and I’m good with that.

  2. Thanks for reviewing this book. The quote on meekness is really wonderful. I thought I’d read it but can’t find it in my book journal. So I’m off to download it!

  3. (I’m behind as usual)

    But yay! Glad you got so much out of it. I am going to have to re-read it again some time too. And I noticed we both really enjoyed the chapter on meekness. I had never looked at that passage from that perspective before, and it really blessed me.

  4. I just started (and finished) reading Christy for next month’s bookclub and was struck by how the head vs. heart balance was found there. I noticed it especially in Miss Alice’s story, but it really was throughout.

    I tended towards Carrie’s feeling toward The Pursuit of God, feeling like Tozer put down knowledge – but it nevertheless encouraged me to delight in the experience of a walk with God as well as the knowledge of a walk with God. Putting it together with Christy has me thinking even more about the role of experiences with God in the Christian’s life, and how emotions can be part of our Christian walk. Very thought provoking!

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