1. It’s really the decision making process that’s the killer. : )

    I’ve got the one on Theodore Roosevelt on my shelf as well as The Witch of Blackbird Pond. Those are high on the to-read list as well as The Bears of Hemlock Mountain. I’ve read (but have I blogged?) Charlotte’s Web, The Door in the Wall, and Amos Fortune. I’ll have to go hunt them up and see.

    So many books, so little time. : )

  2. I clearly love 1950s literature, because I have read more winners from the 50s than any other single decade (seven), and we’ve read many honor books too. DD and I have already started Secret of the Andes. The other two award winners I haven’t read yet from this decade are “And now Miguel” and “Amos Fortune” — I’m not sure I’ll tackle either of those this month though. I picked up a copy of Red Sails of Capri to read to my boys. I have a copy of Minn of the Mississippi, so that’s another “maybe” for us for this month.

  3. The books are becoming more and more familiar to me too. I’ve read several of these, but not in a long while. I have The Witch of Blackbird Pond on my shelf, so I’ll choose it. 🙂 I remember being fascinated by it as a child. Let’s see what I think as an adult.

  4. I have some great memories of read alouds with some of theses books. Meindert de Jong and Eloise Jarvis McGraw are a couple of favourite authors. Banner in the Sky was wonderful & Black Fox of Lorne. The Newberry books work really well for a wide age group also.

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