1. I absolutely MUST read “All the Light ….” soon — I think I’m the last reader in America not to! I sure hope you are back to good health again. Being sick is no fun;(

  2. I’ve tried to hint about the last Tuesday rather than the fourth Tuesday, too. 🙂 5MFB used to have different things going on every Tuesday, so it made sense then, but I think this is the only one of those things still going.

    I read A Severe Mercy I think last year or the year before. Quiet was very good. I might check into All the Light…sounds interesting.

  3. Sorry you were so sick during March, but glad you were able to read during your recuperation time. A silver lining for sure. 🙂 Hope you enjoy finishing Quiet–I loved that book. Looking forward to the April books for the Newbery challenge!

  4. I’m pretty sure our whole family has joined in sharing fellowship with this evil-twin-sister-of-the-flu which you mention. 😛 It’s fun! (Not. But does provide reading time because we’re all inclined to just lay down and be.)

    Looking forward to your concluding thoughts on Quiet when you get ’round to finishing.

    Hope you recover completely and quickly!

  5. Sorry you were sick, but glad you got to read a lot! I had a similar nasty flu in February when I went away for my annual birthday “retreat”. I will never forget the book I was reading then, Station Eleven, about a pandemic flu. 🙂 Funny as readers how events in our lives get tied to certain books.

  6. I keep hearing about The Fringe Hours–I’m going to have to give it a try!

    I was pretty busy with Tozer this month, but got a few others in. 🙂

  7. I think All The Light may have to be this summer’s book. I keep thinking I’ll buy it and then putting it off. You didn’t steer me wrong on Unbroken so I guess I can trust you on this one. : )

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