1. When I saw this title, I thought it must be about LMA. I would LOVE a LMA reading challenge in November! When I started the Laura Ingalls Wilder reading challenge, I was debating in y mind whether to do one for her or for LMA, so I’d love to see an LMA one started. I’ve read many of her books but had not heard of Fruitlands.

    • Amy

      Oh, Barbara, I’m so glad you shared this! I sometimes think I get these “wild ideas” and no one else is interested. Okay, I’ll do it! I definitely think LMA was prolific enough and enough has been written about her and her family that we could keep it going for a while.

  2. I saw this on Sharon’s nightstand (I realize now that she read it for the Newberry challenge too) and thought it sounded great. Now, after reading your review, I’m even more excited that my library has it!

  3. JoannaTopaz

    I remember reading this book from my school library back in sixth grade or so. I’ve always been fascinated with Louisa May Alcott and would consider doing the reading challenge.

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