1. So glad I have inspired you!

    What do you think of S. Math? M is using it next year at school.

    We pay out -of -state membership for one of our libraries so it really drives my husband crazy when I have a late fee.

    My hair has started to be wavy…so it is actually easier longer than shorter. Very strange.

    • Amy

      Annette, is it Primary Marhematics or some other iteration if Singapore math? I love PM, but it’s the opposite of all the school textbooks I’ve ever seen, at least lately at the elementary level: clean, black and white, with NO pictures. We also tried Math in Focus, which is a Singapore curriculum, and I HATED it. It’s an actual school textbook, and it’s extremely busy and colorful and very explicit, which was burdensome for my somewhat intuitive math girl and her tutor mama.

      • I’ll have to ask which it is. I suspect the busy school one. :/

        May I make a suggestion with your purging? Read the book out of order…read the chapters on the 2000 item challenge and the 2 box/3 bag method after chapter 1. It’s helpful to have the big picture. When I signed up for the emails from Kathi, that was what she suggested (or something very similar).

        • Amy


          I’m sure it will go over much better in a classroom than in a one-on-one teaching arrangement! For the record, too, my daughter liked it fine. It was an “operator error.” I find too much stuff (i.e. lots of extra resources and colorful, busy pages) a distraction more than a help, but I’m sure not everyone feels this way!

  2. I just checked the first Sisters Grimm book out of the library for N2 this week – she’s on a huge fairy tale kick right now. I have read all the series except for the last book – I guess I need to check it out for me! : )

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