1. Yay for walking! It’s cooled down again this week here, so I haven’t been walking – but I HAVE been checking exercise videos (the walking ones 😉 ) out of the library. I’ve found that I feel much better during the day if I’ve had that bit of activity in the morning.

  2. I want to like all (six!) of these things. Fun things all around. I’m not up for crying movies at this time, but I’m glad you enjoyed it. I was happy when kids gave up pacis. The orchestra thing sounds awesome. I love that you’re making preschool time for DLM. And lunch dates are awesome! We did pilates three mornings this week, and I know it would behoove us to do it more (It’s too cold and snowy to walk here!)

  3. Hello Amy, Nice to meet you at Susanne’s Fave Five. Sounds like you are in the busier time of life that I have left far behind. I’m glad you were able to get away for a nice lunch. Good for you for walking! I’ve finally gotten back into a little pattern of moving and it’s a very good thing. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Getting out in the fresh air is awesome. Though I do have to motivate myself when it’s colder outside! Good for you! What a nice treat to get to get out and spend a lunch with your hubby!

  5. Congratulations on walking!
    We really like Orchard, by Haba for preschool games. It’s cooperative, with everyone playing trying to harvest the fruit trees before the raven gets the fruit, so you don’t have the jealousy of other players winning. The full version that we splurged on in a moment of weakness is pricey, but it has hand-carved wooden fruit. You can also get a travel version that’s much more reasonably priced, with the fruit painted on little wooden discs. The mechanics are so simple that I would’ve expected kids to outgrow it quickly, but I’ve taken it to parties and had 7 and 8 yos happy to play with their younger siblings. Here’s more info on the main game: http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/5770/orchard

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