1. Bluerose

    I’ve suddenly been seeing a great deal of The Family Romanov. I even noticed it at “my” library the other day. I may have to grab it next time if it’s still there.

    Other than some of Donald Crew’s work(which we enjoy), I don’t think I’ve read a single one of the winners this year! (which makes me a little sad)

  2. I’ve read more of the award winners and nominee’s this year then I think I would have in many other years. Mostly because they were nominated for the Cybils, which I find interesting to see them showing up for both. Rain Reign, The Crossover, Mikis and the Donkey, Nine Open Arms, The Scandalous Sisterhood of Prickwillow Place (one of my favorites) honor for audiobook, which I think would be fun. I’m really hoping to read El Deafo.

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