1. I reviewed three books. I also read Windy Hill. I enjoyed it. But I’m not sure it has a modern audience with either age group (elementary/MG OR YA). But as an adult who likes classics and traditional stories and storytelling, I found much to enjoy!!! I also reviewed Millions of Cats and The Trumpeter of Krakow. Both of those were rereads. I adore Millions of Cats. But I had to force myself to finish Trumpeter of Krakow.

  2. We are reading The Trumpeter of Krakow as a read-aloud. It did take a bit to get into it but it’s picking up speed now. It will probably take another week or so to finish and I’m not sure I’ll get to a full review on my blog but overall I’m glad I read it.

  3. I read “Gay-Neck: The Story of a Pigeon.” It must have been like many of the other winners in the 1920s–a little tedious. ha. I’m not sure how a child would have enjoyed it, but it did provide lots of facts about birds so it would have been educational at least. 🙂 I would have liked it more had there been a heavier plot line, but maybe that’s my 21st century mentality talking. I’m looking forward to moving into the 1930s!

  4. I must be the only person who likes gay neck…LOL! (Well, my daughter liked it too, though she didn’t care so much for all the explanations of pigeon breeding.) We read it last year.

    We are behind schedule, but we should finish Downright Dencey in the next couple of days . 🙂

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