1. Hello! So I realized I “thanked you” for the Christmas give-away on my blog but you probably did not see that. Thank you! We all enjoyed “The Tale of Three Trees!” And I was glad to see your Facebook reminder for RAT- I loved “Somebody Loves You Mr. Hatch” and wanted to let others know. It’s a gem! I’ll be heading to the library with your recommendations as well.

  2. I still have hopes of a read-aloud post one of these days, but it didn’t happen last week … we are almost done reading The Story Girl as well and the girls have devoured it. N1 especially asks to read it when the other girls are off doing stuff and I’ve held out on us all finishing it together. We may have to go on and read The Golden Road because she can’t get enough of this book. We’ll see. I am going to check out some of those readers that you mentioned for the boy. We have several around here, but it’s always nice to get fresh reading stock. (Plus, most of ours are Fancy Nancy easy readers, Annie and Snowball, etc. – very girl centered! I need to stock up on some boy ones!)

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