1. Name Unknown

    Glad you liked it! Twain is a lot of fun! Have to admit, I’m a bigger fan of Tom Sawyer than Huckleberry Finn… I just had the privilege of reading Tom Sawyer for school (along with a lot of other good books) and I loved it! I had previously read Huckleberry Finn and found it kind of a tough read:(

  2. So glad you read an enjoyed this one! Our family experienced it together last year — just went back and saw your comment on my review 🙂 Twain’s humor — or satire? — can be a bit dark at times, but I like that he makes me both think AND laugh.

  3. Last year they read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer in school, it was a very challenging book for my kiddo. It really helped for me to read the passages out loud and discuss the plot together, otherwise I think so much of the comprehension would have been lost. I’m sure an audiobook would have worked very well too.

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