1. So…I wrote a long Armchair Cybils post last night only to somehow lose it. In keeping with my NY resolution to get more sleep I decided to give up and go to bed. But I hope to recreate it today or tomorrow. I think we have similar opinions about most of the books. My favorite so far is The Girl and the Bicycle.

  2. We read This is a Moose. It is definitely one for a select audience. My children were not greatly impressed with this one.

    We also read Shhh! We Have a Plan. My little ones enjoyed reading it but it wasn’t one they wanted read over and over. They thought it was group of children trying to make the catch.

    I haven’t been able to much Cybil reading. However, I went to the library today so hopefully I can catch a moment here or there to read a bit!

  3. Reading ONLY the titles, I saw the cover art for “Shh! We Have a Plan!” and I thought my boys would love it. It looks rather clever and like it would appeal to just about everything that they find humorous at present.

    The Easter Cat book also looks cute. 🙂

  4. Thank you again for doing the Armchair Cybils! I was super late getting a post up, and then your site was down, and then I forgot to go back… but here’s my post: http://alibrarymama.com/2015/01/23/cybils-picture-book-finalists/
    I will say that I wasn’t really expecting This Is a Moose to get so far – I’d been going down my lists of favorite picture books (ssh!) trying to find one that hadn’t yet been nominated – and this was one that both my 5 and 10-year old had loved when I had it home from the library. I just recently read it to my daughter’s K/1 class, too, to great success – but I had to practice doing separate voices for all the characters ahead of time and I know that’s not for everyone.

    I’m having trouble with the Easy Reader category, as half the books aren’t available from the libraries around me. But hopefully I’ll have something to post soon anyway!

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