1. We do a Jesse Tree. I use the readings from this site. https://www.rca.org/resources/jesse-tree-family-devotions?pid=1628 We have paper ornaments I made a long time ago that my husband is gradually “upgrading”. I usually just do the reading out of the Scripture and then maybe we talk about it or I read the little devotional blurb.

    Another book that is great for daily reading is One Wintry Night by Ruth Bell Graham. We’ve done that in years past but I thought my youngest wasn’t quite ready to fully appreciate it so decided to save it for next year.

    • Amy

      Thanks, Alice! That Jesse Tree link looks like a great resource! Believe it or not, we also have One Wintry Night, but we’ve never read it.

  2. We read the Christmas Mystery, too. I agree with your assessment. Just when I thought it was going one way, it went another. I don’t know that we would read it again, but my son Sam thought it was pretty good.

    We tried reading Unwrapping the Greatest Gift, and honestly it was not a hit. My children, teen through toddler, really didn’t follow it and lost interest. My husband and I were the same way. We must be the only family on the planet that doesn’t love this book, but it just wasn’t there for us. My husband used the scripture references and we read the verse and then he talked about it with the children. This seemed to be more affective.

    We read some fun Christmas stories that we brought home from the library. I want to give the Jesse Tree another try, and might check out the source Alice listed above. I’m with you when it comes to good intentions. I am convinced it will be engraved on my gravestone 🙂

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