1. I love Jane Eyre — declared it my favorite book as a teen and still say that, although I haven’t read it in a decade or more. It would be interesting to re-visit it. Recently a teacher friend my age said that she had loved “Up a Road Slowly” since childhood and re-read it every year. I remember reading it as a child, but no more. Maniac Magee — there’s a memory! I haven’t thought of that one in over a decade, and I have no memory of it other than it being set in Philadelphia … I think??

  2. I read The Wednesday Wars, I believe after seeing you mention it earlier. I read it Sunday afternoon and my kiddos are dying for me to read it aloud based on my reactions as I was reading. Such a great book!

    And based on your review, I am intrigued by Revolution. Our family loves a good documentary. Wonder if I will love a book form?

    Always enjoy the books you share. Thanks!

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