1. I wish more of my kids would eat oatmeal! I’m not an everyday person with it, but it’s a favorite when the mornings get chilly. I am thoroughly enjoying your menu posts. Somehow I managed to invite folks over for dinner three different nights this week and I’ve had to be on my A-game about menu planning as well.

  2. I am so glad that you enjoy my baked oatmeal! And I hope you enjoy the oven tacos. My kids love it when those are on the menu plan. Have a great week!

  3. My mom was just saying she ate oatmeal every day for breakfast, with pb mixed in. She loves it! I wish I liked oatmeal — it is so healthy, but I just don’t! Those black beans do look good. I’ll have to look for them in the store. Happy birthday to your nephew, and I hope your test goes well!

  4. We love oatmeal too! I love baked oatmeal especially, but my kids don’t seem to care for it very much unfortunately. Homemade granola is another oatmeal-related hit here.

    I also wish my kids would eat baked potatoes for lunch like that…they barely tolerate them as a dinner side dish. I am trying to think of more variety for lunch. We do mac and cheese, tomato soup, sandwiches, french toast or pancakes, sometimes pizza or quesidilla…but we still seem to get bored of our lunch choices. Other ideas that are equally quick to make are things I have on the dinner menu (I rotate through 4 weeks of diner ideas…can you tell I like variety?), so I end up with too few diner ideas if I steal those ideas for lunches.

  5. I love the baked potato idea and I think my kids would think it was great!

    What is the consistency of the baked oatmeal? I have always wanted to make it, but am never sure how to eat it?

    • Amy

      The oatmeal isn’t “gloppy” at all–it’s fairly dry, at least after you refrigerate it overnight, which is what I do. I eat mine warmed in the microwave and with almond milk over it.

      • I am going to have to try it. My kids have been on an oatmeal kick and even though it is only the instant kind they want me to cook it since they can’t get it just right. If I can talk them into eating it they could serve themselves!

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