1. Well, I am not in although I do find your reviews of these books highly interesting. So I will happily read along with you and catch your thoughts on any variety of books which I might not have ever picked up or known anything about if not for you!

  2. I just saw this post this morning. I would love top participate, but I am a relatively new blogger…. feeling a little nervous 🙂 If it is not too late I would love to join. Please let me know, thanks!!

  3. I’m in as an official panelist this year – but maybe I’ll join you in reading the finalists in the other categories once I finish my first round reading. This was so fun last year!

  4. Bluerose

    I’m officially in, because all I want to do is read middle grade books right now, and this gives me the perfect excuse! 😉 (although I’ll admit again how horrible I am with challenges)

  5. It’s ok if I’m actually on a panel, right? I mean, I can still participate and link up and such? I know it’s “armchair cybils” but … even the real cybils is mostly in armchairs. I linked up and posted about it. I hope that’s ok!

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