1. I really enjoyed this book, too. Informational poetry is a favorite of my students – they love enjoying language while learning facts about things – especially animals!

  2. I haven’t gotten my hands on a copy of this yet, but I’ve read several of the poems on blogs and just love them. I do have it on hold at my library so it won’t be long before I can enjoy the entire collection!

  3. Irene Latham

    Amy! You are one of those people in the world I just want to SQUEEZE. Thank you for reading my books all the way back to Ludelphia — and for nominating WILDEBEEST for this year’s Cybils. I’m honored and thrilled and wondering when our paths will cross again! Thank you!!! xo

  4. I shared Irene’s book last week, so happy it’s getting so much book love. And am planning to use it with young children next week for a poetry lesson. Happy to hear your children loved it, too. Thanks, Amy.

  5. Enjoyed reading your thoughts about Wildebeest. It’s a brilliant debut collection from a very talented and versatile poet. Enjoyed featuring it at Alphabet Soup too :).

  6. I’m hoping that the wandering wildebeest would soon wander into our part of the world here in Singapore. oops.. i just checked our online library database, we do have it here! Will find it soon. Thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts with us this week.

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