1. Sarah

    Amy, I just wanted to let you know that we’re in CBS too here in Texas. And we’re also doing the Return to Jerusalem study this year! I am so grateful for the homeschoolers class & workbook along with the fellowship I get with the Leaders Council (I’m a sub core leader). Blessings! 😉

  2. Chantry will be starting Chapter 3 in Rod & Staff 5. I guess I better be prepared.

    In reply to a question you left one of my posts–yes, I did order My Book House set and I ordered it off of Ebay. I found one for $50 with free shipping so I bit the bullet.

    Delani and I are working our way through Vol. 1 & 2 (Nursery rhymes and short stories and fables) right now and I haven’t had a chance to look through the other volumes, which I need to do. It is helping me make sure I read with her. It seems like if I get picture books from the library they get put in a basket and never get read (out of sight out of mind).

    Another plus is that since the stories are in the book she seems to be more receptive to listen. Delani is extremely opinionated and many times would look at a picture book (non-twaddly) and declare she didn’t like it. Even after we would read it she would just turn up her nose at it. With the stories all in a book she tend to just sit and listen.

  3. Stead Eddie is a prince! I go away for a weekend every year for my birthday (well, it’s been a tradition the past 3 years) and it’s fabulous.

    I love the walking to Hawaii! Funny!

    For my 6th grader this year I’ve started timing him for about an hour for Math. He’s using AoPS pre-algebra and it seems about the right amount of time. We worked up to that hour gradually Last year for 5th grade I had a goal for him to do about 45 min-60 min. Typically when he gets close to the time I’ll call out to him to finish what he’s doing or get to a good stopping place. There are days when he does a bit more if he’s working on a tough problem and not ready to give up and days when he does less if the assignment was easier.

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