1. So glad you enjoyed Qureshi’s book! I was in tears over the decisions he had to make regarding salvation, and his dedication to his parents at the beginning of the book, in light of their opposition, touched me as well.

  2. Oh my — all your books look good to me! I must put the Allah book on my list as I’ve read many good things about it. And the new Newbery does sound odd. Sometimes I wonder if part of their decision process is based on an author’s past work. And, I know that “graphic novels” are such a “hot” thing now, despite the fact that I’m not into them (yeah, I know. I’m not the target audience).

  3. I hope to read Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus someday too. It intrigues me. I’ve seen only positive reviews; that’s a good sign. I thought The Wednesday Wars so a cute book. I don’t read a lot of fiction so when I do, I want it to be good. 🙂

    My reading time is usually in short spurts too. But it’s amazing how much even that can add up!

  4. Ditto everyone on Seeking Allah, finding Jesus – except that I never *buy* books, and who knows if my library will acquire it.

    And Armchair Cybils. I can’t decide if I’m going to participate this year. I have enjoyed them a great deal in years past – but worry that I’ll get overwhelmed since oh-my-gracious-I’m-almost-at-the-third-trimester-which-means-I-need-to-clean-my-house-get-a-nursery-set-up-make-baby-clothes-stock-the-freezer-and-.

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