1. I am actually relieved to read your review of Flora and Ulysses. I tried to read it. It is rare that I don’t finish a book, but I chose to let this one go. It was just…odd.

  2. I don’t think I would have finished it on my own, but my daughter loved it. I agree, it is weird! But she loves weird books (I think she has read every single Roald Dahl book!), so I guess that is less of a surprise. I think with a pre-teen you would definitely want to discuss it together as you read it though…I wouldn’t want a younger kid to think some of the relational things in this book are “normal”.

  3. I read Flora & Ulysses with my 11 year old daughter. She loved the book, I think, because of the weirdness. She considers herself different (in a positive way) so she loves stories whose characters are different as well. I didn’t like it, though. I am a huge fan of Desperaux and I was waiting for another Desperaux. Nope, not going to find him here. I was disappointed by this book.

  4. I had much the same thoughts.

    From my review last year…
    It was all a little beyond David. But here’s the thing: it was beyond me too. I could certainly understand the bigger themes. But I didn’t really enjoy the story. I feel like the trend in children’s literature is to be quirky. Sometimes that’s good, but sometime’s it’s just distracting. This time it was distracting.

  5. Amy, you won Sarah’s book! I would have contacted you sooner but when I clicked on your comment, it took me to someone else’s blog. She let me know where I could find you. Contact me with your address info!

  6. I keep eyeing this book but thanks to your honest review, I think I’ll save my time for something else. 😉 Sooooo, thank you! I find DiCamillo is hit-and-miss for me. I’m pretty sure this one would be a miss , based on your description.

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