1. The Big Red Barn is a well-loved favorite around here!!! I have never heard of The Secret of the Andes. We start school next week and most of our schooling IS reading aloud, so I’m prepping my voice for that! 🙂 Thank God for audio books! 🙂

  2. We may not homeschool, but it’s still hard to find time to read chapter books during the school year. We just began Prince Caspian.

    Our youngest loves the Big Read Barn…I like how it relaxes us as we read it. 🙂 Thanks for encouraging me to link up. I added a sentence in to the post to include RAT. 🙂

  3. I always loved reading aloud to my boys.
    My claim to fame is..I taught them to read.

    I love reading books to my hubby while he eats breakfast.
    He enjoys it too.

  4. You have some excellent suggestions. I recently finished reading The Princess and the Goblin aloud for the second time.

    I’ll have to check out the picture books you mentioned. I’m always on the look out for good reads for my little people.

    The Melendys are so fun!

  5. Oh my goodness — The Big Red Barn. Now that brings back some very fond memories. I miss reading RAT, Amy — I need to come here more often!

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