1. Excited about Nest and just put it on hold at the library (for me as well as my 13-yr-old). I read GE a few years back when my oldest daughter read it for school. Boy, authors back then just WROTE … and wrote and wrote and wrote … I liked it okay, but just okay. I kept hoping to be blown away as I am by many classics, but wasn’t. I like your idea of collections of quotes from it, though.

  2. Good for you for finishing Great Expectations! I’d count that as a great victory. I have Running Scared on my TBR list (I probably picked it up when it was free too–it’s hard to keep up with those!). Great list, Amy.

  3. I really need to add Dickens to my to read list. He is a favorite of my daughter.

    I was surprised to find how much I enjoyed Jane Eyre. Reading a biography of the Bronte’ sisters makes me want to re-read it.

    I attempted to read Flora and Ulysses but just could not finish it. I returned it to the library instead of passing it along to my children. I am interested to see your thoughts.

  4. I bought Bleak House but have not made time to read it. I also want to give Tale of Two Cities another chance in paper form.

    I’m interested in what you think of Flora and Ulysses. I started it…but didn’t get into it. Tell me it’s good!

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