Things to accomplish before the new school year starts


Y’all, this summer is trickling through my fingers like the sand that is ground into the carpet of our van thanks to our recent beach trip.  We made a summer “bucket” list way back when the days stretched before us in blissful, endless possibility.  Then I lost the list.  Then Lulu developed bronchitis, followed swiftly and relentlessly by pneumonia.  Then the DLM broke his arm.  And it rained.  And rained.  And rained some more.

So–summer–that brief interlude of time in which I plan to accomplish every thing I can’t (or don’t) do during our regular homeschool year (all the while providing my children with nonstop fun and enjoyment 😉 ) is quickly coming to a close.  Both CBS and our homeschool co-op will resume meeting mid August, so I’m looking at about 3 1/2 weeks to do the following:

  • Take the children swimming 2-3 times a week, minimum.  Summer means swimming to me, and my girls love it.  We have relatives with pools who are more than willing for us to use theirs at will, so it’s just up to me to get us there.
  • Make some sort of window treatments for our freshly-painted dining room.  I’m leaning toward this window “mis”treatment or this faux Roman shade.
  • Finish what can be finished of the dining room:  coming up with some sort of mantle decor, finish hanging pictures, etc.
  • Order Benny’s panel (3, 6, 9, 12 month portraits, all in one big frame–maybe this is a Southern thing? 😉 ) so all the kids’ panels can finally be hung in the freshly-painted hallway.
  • Plan a time to visit a few friends.  You’d think getting together with a couple of my oldest friends who live less than an hour from me would be easy, but apparently it’s not.
  • Prep clothing for consignment.
  • Make two sets of busy bags for a busy bag swap that I am coordinating.
  • Get all the busy bags distributed.
  • Get a handle on my new position as assistant teaching director at CBS this year.  (!!!!!)
  • Plan our school year.  Yeah.  This deserves a post of its own.

Did I say I have 3 1/2 weeks to do all this?  Wow.


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  1. I know just how you feel! My biggest problem is that August is packed full with the kids going to camp, a family gathering, and trying to squeeze in a short vacation. Due to that we can’t even start school until September. I am just hoping that I can find time to plan. Good luck on getting everything squeezed in!

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