1. I was also a little surprised when Reginald Pepper suddenly appeared in the midst of My Man Jeeves, but the fact that it was short stories made it much easier for me to adjust. I found the short stories particularly nice since I was listening on audiobook in ten minute segments as I drive around town. It’s hard enough for me to keep track of characters when I’m not doing it in short segments – adding in the audio component makes it that much harder.

  2. I like Wodehouse, too, for a lighthearted read after spending a lot of time in non-fiction and heavier classics (Bleak House) so far this year. I thought the plots all followed a similar vein, but I do like his style.

  3. The appearance of Reggie Pepper also surprised me. I liked the short story length, especially since I was listening to an audiobook while running. Each story was about half an hour – the perfect length! I also read Aunts Aren’t Gentlemen, the last Jeeves novel, this month. I have to admit that I had trouble keeping track of the characters, since that is all one story. Short stories seem to be just right to truly let Jeeves shine!

  4. I can see how Jeeves & Wooster would be a nice change of pace after Gone with the Wind! Glad it hit the spot.

    I rather enjoyed my Wodehouse read this month. Which I finally managed to finish! I was glad to have avoided the short stories though. I think I like Wodehouse in novel form better.

    I have never read Richard Peck and I’m so glad that you shared their comparative styles. I’m totally going to check Peck out! Thanks for the tip.

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