1. Juanita

    Congratulations to your girls on their 4H achievements. I have been wanting to get dd involved for a couple of years now. I will have to look into it for the fall.

    You could try baking the pizza crust a little before adding the toppings. I like mine super thin and crispy.

  2. Happy Birthday Benny!

    I bake the dough a little bit first before adding the toppings, about 10 minutes. I find that helps it not be so gooey. I also think one of the special pans with the holes in the bottom helps make the dough crispier.

  3. That’s really cool that 4-H is providing you the opportunities you were hoping for. We joined 4-H this year too, but it has been a very underwhelming experience. I hear that 4-H varies so much from club to club and from county to county. There have been virtually no opportunities for the kids to do anything beyond the club meetings and a few social events (which seem to often be far away from us or happen at times that don’t work for us). Only one kid per month gets to do a presentation at the club meeting so it’s a pretty limited opportunity. And other than a few very specific county wide seminars, we have nothing else I guess besides the county fair. Bummer.

    We heard about diy.org recently, which has a framework for setting up rather free-form maker/do-it-yourself type clubs. We are thinking of starting one of those because my kids are so much more excited about a club where you actually get to “do something” at a meeting as opposed to a club meeting that is mostly parliamentary procedure and listening to one kid give a talk. 🙁

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