1. N2 got the whole series of these books after you mentioned them (I’m always on the lookout for a series for these girls!) and fun fact – when we opened them, Travis exclaimed, “Hey, I’ve read these!” That doesn’t happen often with our female bent to stories right now. : ) We are loving book one – I’m thinking we’ll finish it this week and N2 always comments how much the story reminds her of Lord of the Rings so it’s interesting to hear that you find comparisons to other books as well. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, perhaps? Thanks for turning us on to this series – we love them and I’m looking forward to sharing them with the boy down the road as well!

    • Amy

      That’s neat that you’re “finally” reading some of T’s childhood favorites! Aren’t these stories wonderful?!?!

  2. I love, love, love this series. My son announced he’d be reading The Book of Three for a book review this year and it made me whoop with joy because I like to read whatever he’s assigned for school along with him. I read it to him when he was maybe five, so it’ll be fun to see him rediscover it and maybe get hooked on the series.

    (I read them originally about his age – sixth grade.)

  3. This series caught my eye when Janet reviewed them, so I got them when they were on sale for the Kindle. I put the first one on my TBR challenge for the year and am looking forward to it.

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