1. Sarah

    Recently we have been enjoying all the Poems & Paintings books by Douglas Florian. He has them on all subjects~ seasons, sports, animals, birds, etc… We just read his “Winter Eyes” today which was very relevant.

    I also just checked out a book at our library called “National Geographic Book of Animal Poetry.” (2012). The photos are absolutely stunning. It is an anthology with numerous famous & new-to-me poets included. Highly recommend!

  2. First, let me say (try and stop me!) that I LOVE the snowmen and ESPECIALLY the first one! Love the attempt to get the different spacial view. It was hard, but what a memorable attempt! Secondly, love the idea of “Poems to Learn by Heart” in both anthologies. And thirdly (since you haven’t stopped me yet), I want a Poetry Tea Time! Oh, yeah, and fourth (but probably really first), thanks for the Good Word start to the day!

  3. I somehow missed this post when you first posted it! We still do poetry tea time every day…it’s probably the most important part of the “school day” now, with my oldest kindergarten age. So we always love finding new treasures.

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